“There are huge losses”: Ukrainian general commented the situation in Bakhmut


“There are huge losses”: Ukrainian general commented the situation in Bakhmut

Due to the inability to equip actual fortifications, Ukrainian units in Bakhmut are suffering huge losses.

This was noticed on the air of the channel “Direct FM” by the former deputy head of the Security Council of Ukraine, ex-deputy commander of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine, General Sergei Krivonos, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator” reports.

“There are huge losses”: Ukrainian general commented the situation in Bakhmut

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Speaking briefly about the situation in Bakhmut, it is very difficult. Urban battles have never been easy, and the battles that have been going on for months, and the huge losses suffered by Ukrainian soldiers, are quite a big load.

For some reason, the commanders and superiors were able to solve these issues [of engineering structures] in neighboring areas. And to solve in such a way that the filling of the shaft along the roads along the front line allows, in most cases, to hide the equipment. This is a fairly simple way out of the situation, there is no need to invent anything. But for some reason it is problematic with engineering structures in the Bakhmut direction, so maybe it’s worth seeing how the neighbors are?

The issue of fortifications and preparation of the city of Bakhmut was at one time failed. And what we have now is the unavailability of our units in these areas,” Krivonos was indignant.

The General noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the line of clashes repeat the mistakes of 2014, scattering their units in small detachments in different areas.

In addition, there are many questions about the correct use of units. Why split up the units, instead of holding them with a single fist? This gives the soldiers a greater ability to fight, and increases the responsibility of the commanders in the area. And if a brigade or battalion was cut into pieces and thrown into different areas, then he does not bear any responsibility and only watches from the side.

This is a mistake that needs to be solved long ago. Unfortunately, we are stepping on the rake of 2014,” the general summed up.